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We have an increasing number of Toppers, a basic dingy with a single sail. On a calm day the toppers are an excellent taster boat that gives you the feel for sailing. A topper is a sealed vessel which means it cannot sink, this also makes it easy rectified if you capsize. By the end of a taster lesson, the trimming of your sail and rigging will come more naturally. Without realizing it you are in charge of your own vessel, giving the individual a good sense of achievement. As with all elemental sports they become more demanding or fun, (depending on your predicament,) the more extreme the conditions. The toppers are for beginners and novice alike. Laser 1 After mastering the topper, progress can be made by going onto a

Laser 1. 

The Laser 1, a single sail dingy. It is a speedier boat, because it is more streamlined due to the shape and length of hull, it also has a larger sail area. It is a sealed vessel and therefore relatively easy to correct if capsized.


A well loved training boat, it has ketch rigging and gives the client ample opportunity to improve their practical skills. It has classic lines with a traditional look and a great boat for sailing and old style fishing.


A Dart is a 20ft Catamaran (two hulled boat) that can be sailed alone (in the right conditions) BUT, is more enjoyable with a crew of 2 two. It is a more technical boat that can reach great speed.